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Lesson 1

Odrób zadanie domowe i nacisnij 'wyslij' żeby przesłać je do swojego nauczyciela.
Twój nauczyciel poprawi pracę i odesle do Ciebie w przeciagu 48 godzin.

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1. she come from? 2. you live?
3. What studying?  4. How many languages ?
5. any brothers or sisters?  6. What in your free time?
7. Tomorrow I the cinema.  8. Last week I Krakow.
9. What do last night?  10. What do tomorrow?

11.   "A year ago."  12.   "Yes, I am."
13.   "In Germany."  14.   "I'm from Warsaw."
15.   "I need it in my job."  16.   "I'm a teacher."
17.   "3 times a month."  18.   "Yes, I do."


19. Where is Maurizio most likely speaking?
A. at his university
B. at his school
C. at his work
D. at his brother's home

20. What does he think about his course?
A. he doesn't like it because it's too hard
B. he likes it although it's hard
C. he likes it and doesn't think it's hard
D. he doesn't like it at all

21. How many people does he live with?
A. one other person
B. two other people
C. three other people
D. four other people

22. What does Carly do?
A. she works in a museum
B. she works in an art gallery
C. she works in a university
D. she's a student

23. Where does she study?
A. at work.
B. at her teacher's home.
C. on television.
D. at home.

24. When did she or will she graduate?
A. she will graduate in 3 years
B. she will graduate in 2 years
C. she will graduate in 1 year
D. she graduated one year ago


Click on the icon to listen:
(Kliknij w ikonkę żeby odsłuchać nagranie): click to hear listening exercise

Complete the sentences:

Tom: Hi. I don't (25) we've met. My name's Tom.

Jenny: Hi, Tom. Nice (26). My name is Juanita, but (27) calls me Jenny.

Tom: Nice to meet you, Jenny. (28)

Jenny: Well, originally I'm from Argentina, but we (29) to the United States when I was (30). My parents now (31) in Chile. That's were they first met. How about you, Tom?

Tom: I (32) Fresno, California, and we lived there until (33). Then, (34) my father worked for the military, we moved all over the place.


Write sentences about yourself using the words in capital letters:
np. WENT



37. DIDN"T

38. CAN'T


40. Which of the following descriptions best describes you? If you don't know any of these terms, look them up in a dictionary.


41. Write about yourself; your job, your family, your hobbies, where you live etc. Write about 200 words: