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Lesson 1

Odrób zadanie domowe i nacisnij 'wyslij' żeby przesłać je do swojego nauczyciela.
Twój nauczyciel poprawi pracę i odesle do Ciebie w przeciagu 48 godzin.
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1. do you do? Pleased to meet you. 2. do you do? I'm a sales manager.
3. your boss like?  4. your boss called?
5. do you work for?  6. your wife? She's very well, thank you.
7. don't you take a seat?  8. you spell your name please?
9. your boss?  10. nationality are you?

11. When born?  12. How long for your present firm?
13. Who do you work ?  14. What for a living?
15. How your name?  16. Could you tell me  
17. I like to the cinema.  18. I work a secretary.


19. Where did Denis Kennedy study?
A. in Scotland
B. with Honeywell
C. in the US
D. with ITT

20. Where did he work for Veeder Root?
A. in Scotland
B. in the US
C. somewhere in Europe
D. we don't know

21. What happened in 1990?
A. he became Vice President
B. he returned to Honeywell
C. he stopped being Chairman and Managing Director
D. he became Chairman and Managing Director

22. When did Sir John stop working for ICI?
A. in 1982
B. he's still working for ICI
C. in 1987
D. we don't know

23. What was Sir John's first job?
A. an interpreter in the Royal Navy
B. an interpreter in ICI
C. an interpreter in Russia and Germany
D. we don't know

24. What does he like doing in his spare time?
A. watching television
B. reading magazines
C. reading books
D. we don't know


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Listen and complete the text:

Eucharia, Ireland
Oh, my most favorite country, that's so hard because I've loved every country I've visited for different reasons but I really loved Australia and in particular Melbourne city. Now, I'm not a city person but Melbourne is a really dynamic, vibrant city. There's (25). There are people from all around the world, so it's just a really(26) to be.

Jeannie, United States
My favorite country besides the U.S. would be New Zealand. I only visited there for about two weeks one time, but it was very beautiful. I love the nature around there and I got to see (27), but I have some really good friends there, too, so, a good place.

Mark, England
Apart from my country, my favorite country would be Hungary. I lived there for one year, and I lived in the capital, Budapest, and it's just a fantastic place. Absolutely beautiful. Lots of (28), very interesting cuisine, and intelligent and friendly people. Please go. I recommend it.

Alan, Canada
My favorite country besides my own? Well, I would have to say Thailand. I really enjoy (29) there. They're quite friendly, and I especially enjoy the beaches, because I enjoy swimming and lying on the beach and getting a good tan, and I also find that it's relatively cheap to go to Thailand, especially in the summer time, but also in the winter, even though the (30), it's a good place to go for a tropical get-away.

Rina, Canada
My favorite country is Lebanon because that's where (31), and they emigrated to Canada and I was there last summer and it was amazing. It is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen in my whole life and (32) in a few years.

Kate, New Zealand
My favorite country, besides New Zealand, which is where I'm from, is France, especially Paris, which (33). It was really beautiful, the Champs Elysee, and you see the art museums, art galleries, and also I'd really like to go to the south of France, and see (34).


Write sentences about yourself using the words in capital letters:






40. Which of the following descriptions best describes you? If you don't know any of these terms, look them up in a dictionary.


41. Write your CV: